Scoring formats available in 15th Club

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Gross scoring

The gross score is the total number of shots played by a golfer. The penalty shots are also included in the total score.

Net scoring
The net score is calculated by subtracting the player’s handicap from their total score. You need to manually set the handicap for yourself in the profile or round settings and for each player you want to keep the score for. The selection of the tee in the round settings is also required for such scoring method. 

You can select either gross or net scoring for the scoring modes below:

Stroke Play
The golfer who takes the fewest strokes to finish the course is deemed the winner.

Stableford imply scoring points based on the number of shots taken at each hole. The winner is the one who scored the most number of points.

Modified Stableford
The Modified Stableford has the same principle as Stableford except you edit the points settings. In such mode, you can both get and lose points.

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